Let's put something serious here. We care about the what you think about the single board computers.

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electronix_nerd Apr 23, 2017 09:42

General discussion

Anything out of other sections can be found here

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fanbrits Apr 20, 2017 10:52
Use 4-line earphones to connect Banana P ...

Linux OS

Anything related to Linux OS just click me. We'll release latest Linux OS in this section too.

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igorpec Apr 28, 2017 12:34
BananaPI/Pro and 3.5 LCD on mainline ker ...


Wanna try the latest Android OS on single board computers? Got problems about Android? Come in and join us !

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Heannlly Apr 24, 2017 21:18
Recovery mode???


You got something works in hands? Anything DIYs are welcome to share with LeMaker Community. We're making innovations easy.

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themaker Apr 26, 2017 07:21
Sleep Button / Motion detector


Hey, code monkeys, drop in for a cup of coffee.

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destroyedlolo Apr 19, 2017 04:16
Helper to easily work with the frame buf ...

Hardware and peripherals

LCD touch? Ethernet? Camera? Expansion Boards? SATA? Kinect? USB3.0? IR? WiFi? Whatever, let's play single board computer together.

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vvn2023 Apr 10, 2017 07:14
Hikey Board is not working