Flashplayer in browser(CB for Banana Pi image)

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Download the flashplayerarm, type:
  1. tar zxvf flashplayerarm.tar.gz  
  2. sudo cp libpepflashplayer.so /usr/lib/chromium-browser/plugins
  3. sudo cp default /etc/chromium-browser
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So what about the Raspberry for Banana Pi image?
I tried the same way as described above. There are some differences between the two one. In the Raspberry for Banana Pi, it doesn't exist chromium-browser folder. I tried to the method on the browser in Raspberry system. It didn't work.
I will try more.

For raspbian the directory of chromium is without "-browser"
But it is not working if you copy the files in there and activate the plugin in chromium as the only one for flash.

No solution for raspbian on banana pi available so far?

Nop... didn't work for me neither...

Where can I download flashplayerarm.tar.gz  ?

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