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You can not use the original Pi4J library as the mmap address of A20 is different with Brodcom2835. We have porting the modified wiringPi and RPi.GPIO into Raspbian 3.0, you can try it.

I installed lubuntu v2 on bananapi and I want to contol GPIO.
I used pi4j library of raspberry and imported it in java project.
When I run the instruction for create a new GPIOInstance, it throws an error "wiringpistetup : mmap no such file or directory".

I've installed wiringpi too.

Someone can suggest me a solution?

Reply 1# tony_zhang

I undestand.
So I need to use Raspbian 3.0 for my requirement.
But it's possible use java under Raspbian?
Sorry for dummy question but I never use that OS

It seems the Raspbian has the jdk. But I haven't tried Java.

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