Bananian on BPI-Router - Discussion

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Tried it quickly last night (14.09) and it booted fine.

Didn't get a chance to check Ethernet but will try tonight.

Did see it trying to obtain DHCP but didn't have my Ethernet plugged in.

I have a feeling I will need to compile the driver for the switch which won't be a biggy.

Mr Bananaian - can you tell me the exact GIT revision number from here: that your latest build is using?

I find when compiling system modules, even a slight change in revision can upset the module once compiled.

I compiled a driver for a USB 3.0 ethernet adapter and had to actually change the kernel in bananian to the one I used for compiling otherwise I would get errors.

Also, can someone tell me what the + at the end of firmware versions means?
Does it just mean it's got further commits after the initial release?

it's the latest revision in my Github (commit 56911ecbe2ffa5d07f5748ba49ddeb1735b5f30b).
I have the same problem, no network. See
You need to compile the b53 module ... 5305&order=name

If you got it working, please let me know and/or provide the sources!

The plus sign (comment from kernel sources):
    # append a plus sign if the repository is not in a clean
    # annotated or signed tagged state (as git describe only
    # looks at signed or annotated tags - git tag -a/-s) and
    # LOCALVERSION= is not specified

Good luck!

I;m not really good with source code but found these patches that look hopeful

What do you think?

I'm no good at applying patches etc, not sure if you would want to give it a go?

Even adds a few userspace tools

./tools/swconfig list
./tools/swconfig dev eth0 show

If I knew how to "Export" a patch into it's raw files, I could add it into the source and see if it compiles.

99% of the patches are just new files.
Is there away to tell Linux just to export the "new files".

I can then easily copy these to the correct folders and modify the few files (Make and Kconfig)

Looking at the OPENWRT files, they seem to be have originated from those above patches (menuconfig B53 - depends on SWCONFIG)
which is what that first patch I posted creates.


I have SWCONFIG compiling.
Time to add in the B53 driver (fingers crossed)


Good luck and keep us informed


They have built - time to test.

Failed when trying to build B53_MMAP_DRIVER "Select to enable support for memory-mapped switches like the BCM63XX"
This relies on a few functions readw_be readl_be writew_be writel_be that we don't have and I didn't see the need to try to add them in as we are not using BCM63XX

Therefore, will just comment out this KCONFIG option.
Pretty sure the Banana Pi uses B53_PHY_DRIVER "Select to enable support for registering switches configured through MDIO."
Which the module compiles fine

Oh no. No bzip2 in bananian.

Maybe that could be an idea for feature release?
  1. apt-get install bzip2
Copy the Code
As I have no ethernet on the router, a bit of a pain

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