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Edited by mattrix at Wed Dec 3, 2014 04:03

We have the drivers working (I think) as you can see.

Can you shed some light on how to setup the VLAN etc?

I just can't see where we assign the VLAN ID to a physical network port?

This happens AFAIK below /proc/switch/ when a Broadcom switch IC is used.

Just get the OpenWRT sources, have a look how they parse /etc/config/network for pvid/port assignments and what they will write to /proc/switch/... in which situation

I've been wrong, the /proc/switch approach applies only to older Broadcom switches. The BCM53125 is configured using swconfig:

Edited by mattrix at Wed Dec 3, 2014 14:17

I did build SWCONFIG in as well.
It was required for the BCM to work.

However, I didn't bring in the the command line utility tool (swconfig)

Will work on this tonight so we can follow the same OpenWRT instructions

Looks like we could use this to get the LEDs correct as well.

Did you get it running? A working Debian would be great!

mattrix replied at Wed Dec 3, 2014 02:31
If you would like to try

Hi mattrix,

what happend to your GitHub repository? I would like to try your kernel.

Edited by mattrix at Mon Dec 8, 2014 20:32

Was trying to compile the userspace SWCONFIG utility but got distracted with something else.

If someone wants to pull the swconfig out of the openwrt image, and share it, I may be able to try it out.
Should be something like /usr/sbin/swconfig


The toolhould be compileable out of the openwrt repository: openwrt/package/network/config/swconfig/src
However there seems to be some dependancies:
linux-source (linux/switch.h)

Becauseof the nonavailability of the github repository ( a working kernel for the BPI-R1, it's quite useless to
investigate the further dependancies regarding the tool 'swconfig'. Maybe you can make available an bananian image which already includes the working kernel for the BPI-R1 for development and testing purposes.

I just need someone to run OpenWRT.
SSH to it, and copy the /usr/sbin/swconfig and provide this for me.

I'm too busy to do myself at moment.

mattrix replied at Wed Dec 10, 2014 00:22
I just need someone to run OpenWRT.
SSH to it, and copy the /usr/sbin/swconfig and provide this for  ... (6.59 KB, Downloads: 49)

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