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Hey guys, I'm new here... I just got my banana pi and installed bananian on it...
I want to use ssh from my desktop, but it looks like when the bananian boots, there is no sshd running and I use the arp command on my desktop pc to check what ip's are connected to my network and there is none except my pc.

How can I set my bananian to connect to the network properly and start sshd at boot ??
this is the standard behavior. Connect a display to see what's happening..

Try to get the image onto the SD in a different way.
Check this one out:
for me it worked via Windows but not via Ubuntu.

Bananian replied at Sun Nov 30, 2014 23:23
this is the standard behavior. Connect a display to see what's happening..

When I connect to a display using HDMI at works as expected... I can login as root and when I run htop the sshd is, what is happening ??? or what is not happening ? when I connect to my display it's too far from my router, so I can not use a internet cable...when I connect it on my router I can not see what is running because there is no screen... so, I try ssh and I always get: "connection refused"... I try to see the banana pi ip using arp command but there is no ip there...

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When you login, type ifconfig and see what eth0 IP address is.
Then SSH to this address using port 22.

I assume you have it plugged into your router / switch via ethernet cable?
If your using WIFI, of course you will need to configure this to get it onto your network.

Feel free to paste in your ifconfig output here for more help.

Worked ! thanks man !

Great to hear


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