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I want one!

But I don't fancy paying $25 to ship it to the US.

When might there be some US distributors?
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Just wanted to post to state my interest in the Banana Pi coming to the US. I've been doing a lot of work on the Raspberry with graphics and it ends up being tedious because it has only 512MB of RAM, so I would definitely be interested in purchasing a Banana Pi and making it my go to device.

If you are looking for distributors, may I suggest you go through Adafruit industries. She has a large following with the maker community and a good infrastructure to support a US launch.

Raspberry Pi Community may be difficult.
They feel that this board is in some sort of trademark dispute. (name Pi I guess)
I got my board to Chicago in 17 days from ordering through AliExpress.
It was $65 including shipping. If you want one then order it.

Note: The author has been banned or deleted.

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