Android 4.3 is it possible?

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so just for the sake of doing it i was trying to build android 4.3.1 on my B-pi but i am stuck on what to select in the lunch menu
i tried to add softwinner in devices to force add in the list but it gives just to many errors, so i am thinking of using the other available default options (armv7-a-neon) actually as it was the most similar and i tweaked to become
TARGET_ARCH_VARIANT := armv7-a-neon
TARGET_CPU_ABI := armeabi-v7a
TARGET_CPU_ABI2 := armeabi

which is the same as the "sugar-bpi"
so the question is will it work or am i wasting my hours compiling it & also if there are any changes i should make in order to get it working
Hi hannan,

short, no its not possible not without a lot of work.
Download the vanilla 4.2.2 sources and run diff with the sources which I uploaded, you will get a really huge output with the differences.
It's better to play with the sources which we have


Yes, it is possible. It is basically an updated version of Jelley Beans. Many more new features are incorporated in this version. With the help of Linksys tech support you are able to get more information on that.

Yeah, it may be difficult to develop an android app but you can take an example from the Android developer site.
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