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Hi all,
After reading all topics with similar title, I did'nt found response to my problem : my bananapi will just not boot. I followed the quick start guide but after the red led was up, I had no output on my screen (connected with HDMI). I also checked if the problem was not the HDMI cable by checking on my DHCP server if requests was sended but nothing.

I'm sure I've downloaded the good images, the SHA1sums are good, I'm a little bit disapointed ! FIY the Pi is new.

Thx a lot for response.
Did the blue led blink or the green led blink if you use the Raspbian 3.0 or Lubuntu 3.0

I don't see any blinking from the led, it's just shinning. Moreover, I only have a red light :-/

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The OS didn't run up. Maybe your SD card has some broken blocks.

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