Bananian vs Raspbian?

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Is there a significant difference in performance between Bananian and Raspbian for the Banana Pi? Just curious, and would like some insight from someone who knows the clear differences in their architecture.


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Raspbian = GUI
Bananian = NO GUI (Terminal / SSH Only)

So, your basically comparing Windows to DOS.

Each has it's own purpose.

I would say Bananian is quicker, but if you need a GUI, save yourself some headaches and just use Raspbian

Ahhh I have only used Raspbian so I didn't know! Thanks!


there are also other differences between Raspbian and Bananian.

The binaries for RaspBian in it's upstream repositories are for the Raspi, which has an ARMv6 based processor. But the Allwinner A20 on the BaPi is Cortex-A7 based with a newer instruction set, and are original from the Debian upstream repositories. So the RaspBian binaries are not optimal for the BaPi (performce wise), and RaspBian is also only an inofficial port from Debian. Raspbian so far works well (on my Raspi) and should also work on the BaPi (I haven't had it on the BaPi), but Bananian is better suited for the BaPi, I also do not know how big the difference between Raspbian and Bananian are (performance wise).

Last but not least also the custom kernel of Bananian promises to make better use of the Banana Pi hardware.

good hunting

You will hardly find differences in performance even if Raspbian is not optimized for ARMv7 in normal use cases. But both Bananian and Igor's Debian image get more community feedback and are more actively developed. And all you would have to do to get one of these headless images with GUI is an 'apt-get install task-lxde-desktop' (if you want to go with Raspbian's default desktop environment -- alternatives are available but only the lightweight should be considered: and reserve memory for the GPU (using bananian-config)

Thanks for your responses. I really appreciate it. I have researched Bananian and Igor's image since your post - really nice images. Makes me more and more interested in getting into light development of linux distributions.

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