Building LeMaker Android 4.2 from Source

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Edited by mattrix at Thu Dec 4, 2014 20:29

This is just the raw source provided by Lemaker.

Does their Android 4.2 image do the same on 1080p?

If not, then they haven't really provided us their source...

I have now deleted as we are just going to focus on the Lemaker source

Please have a look to #10.
With the lemaker is only 1 CPU busy!

root@android:/ # mpstat -P ALL
Linux 3.4.39 (localhost)        12/05/14        _armv7l_        (1 CPU)

04:35:34     CPU    %usr   %nice    %sys %iowait    %irq   %soft  %steal  %guest   %idle
04:35:34     all   22.46    0.63   19.76   13.36    0.01    2.12    0.00    0.00   41.66
04:35:34       0   21.75    0.56   19.81   10.15    0.01    4.15    0.00    0.00   43.57
root@android:/ #

We will need tony to comment - this is his source.

That's strange, because it's not consistent with the result I gathered from Antutu benchmark. But the benchmark are VERY unreliable, I have lots of variation between several test done on exactly the same context.

I'm a bit confused as to the current state of sources.

Please clarify:
Did or did not mattrix just delete the best working sources from the repo, in favor of the less functional sources from lemaker ?

I believe we need BOTH sources to create the best possible future results.

We need the ones we've worked on recently for our best improvements plus the lemaker sources for any Banana-specific tweaks we may have missed.

Best regards: dlanor

The source code I sent out is more than the one Android 4.2 used. I have applied sd card, lcd, tp, camera, etc patches in this source. If the you encounter some problems, I think the Android 4.2 also have.


I'm trying to build in an Ubuntu 14.04 VM using VirtualBox. I keep running out of disk space. I'm up to 30G now. Can anyone tell me the minimum disk requirement?


Why using stupide vm? Take a normal linux on a usb-hdd or better use eSATA. Only my banana pi folder with two complete builds and some tools are about 106 GB. Best way is to use a 256 GB SSD.

dlanor replied at Fri Dec 5, 2014 07:18
I'm a bit confused as to the current state of sources.

Please clarify:

Well, the other sources are still available in that large file - correct?

Main reason.
These sources are the base of all the images we have been using for a long time now which have proven to be pretty good.

Those other sources have only been used by a few and therefore not as well tested.

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