Problem patching 12v monitor

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First, I want to say hi to everybody. And sorry for my english, is a little poor, is not my native language.

I bought recently a monitor: ... 241840#.VIHgQclBoqS
This monitor works with 12v, but I need to work with a battery of 5v that I recently bought: ... 289538#.VIHgMMlBoqR

I heard that this kind of monitor (car monitors) work with 5v, but are prepared for use 12v, the car voltage. But in the motherboard they can be patched to use 5v.
How can I patch this monitor motherboard for use 5v?
I uploaded 2 images of the motherboard, if you need someone more, just tell me.

I tried to patch this with my father, but we failed. Even watching the multimeter
Thanks for help ;)

First, use a source that surely works! Then try to light into the screen with a stronger desk lamp - check if the content appears without backlight or not

Ok, we are going to test it, first with 5v and then with 12v. I tell you if monitor works and if backlights appear.
Thanks ;)

Hi, I tested the monitor with a source of 5v and it works!! With backlight included. Now I have to test it with the raspberry and the battery, but I think it will work.
Thanks for the help Fpeter ^^

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