Problem booting Kali Linux

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Hi, I posted other question a few hours ago. Sorry for asking too much, but it is being difficult for me .
I just instaled kali linux in my banana pi, but it dont work. It still with red light, but the monitor dont receive any signal. I searched in a lot of posts, looking for manuals, but it dont work.

I installed the image using "SDFormatter" and later "Win32DiskImager" to burn the iso into the sd card.
And I tested it with 2 cards:
- Transcend 64gb, SDXC, class 10, 45MB/s, 300x
- SanDisk extreme 16gb, SDHC I, class 10, 45 MB/s

If someone need other information, please, tell me.
Again, thanks for help.
Where did you get the image?
It is not from here I presume...

I searched in google any arm image for banana pi and redirect me to forum. I listed the images you have here, but I need kali linux image for a course of security im learning.

Oh yeah, I see you posted there the same question as well...
Just to be sure, did you try with another image?
You may try Raspbian or Bananian, then see if at least BananaPi boots.
Also be sure to power up BananaPi with a 5V 2A PSU.

You can try use the kali system from the websit

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Yeah, I question them the same problem, but there is no much activity in that forum.
I tried raspbian from this website, and light green flashes 2 times, but there is no signal in the monitor. I use av connector.
In kali linux, the green light dont work, only the red.
And yes, Im using a source of 5V 2A ;)

Oh, I dont see the kali image on this website, and I searched a lot. Im going to test it too

PD: Sorry for my english, is a little poor

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Ok, I tested it with the 2 Kali images and with 2 different raspbian images, writing in sd with 2 different programs (flashnul and win32 disk imager). It still not working.
The kali image that dylan show me works with win32di, but green led lights first and then flash 2 times every time (like with raspbian). And I tried in 2 different sd cards. I dont know what can I do

Any idea? Thanks guys

EDIT:  After the 2 flashes, at a few minutes it start flashing the same, but faster. And one more thing, I have my banana pi in the case without screws, I losted it in my room . I tell it for all the antistatic stuff.

Ok, the 2 lights means that is working XD. I dont have input video in av, but in hdmi it works. Now Im searching how to boot the device in av input, because the hdmi is from my mum television, and she dont let me use it. Im going to read some tutorials, I expect that raspberry tutorials works, because i cant find anyone of banana pi to change the video input at booting.

Anyway, thanks for the help, dylan and actkk2000. Is pleasant have help when I need it ^^.
And for anyone that have the same problem, I used the Win32 Disk Imager program, the flashnull program dont work to me. Sometimes flashing the image to the sd with Win32DI gets an error. In this case insist, format sd and try again.
Again, thanks for all

Edited by tony_zhang at Sun Dec 7, 2014 08:12 ... ;tid=10177#lastpost    This will tell you how to use AV on Banana Pi.
You may first need to know how to convert script.bin file : ... Building_script.bin

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