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Has anyone tried setting up an encrypted root file system on Bananian?

I was reading a blog about doing so on a Raspberry PI running Raspbian. Most of the steps seem like they'd apply to Bananian as well except for some instructions around initramfs. On Raspbian you can modify /boot/config.txt and specify initramfs initramfs.gz followkernel. I've been unable to find instructions on how to do the equivalent on Bananian.

Does Bananina support initramfs? How would I tell Bananian to use one I created?

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I was able to use the Berryboot to install a Bananian image with an encrypted root FS. The OS itself is working normally but some of the bananian specific scripts don't work because they're not in the Berryboot image itself (e.g. the script.bin.otg-on/off missing).

I created my own Bananian image to use with Berryboot as described in this thread ( ... ;tid=4792&page=).

It'd still be great to use Bananian directly with an encrypted root filesystem.

I did checked that but images mentioned in the link are not available.Infact non of links are working mentioned in that thread.

I could encrypt ubuntu using berryboot mentioned on lemaker website.

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