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I'm setting up the Banana Pi as mediaplayer. I already solved several issues like flashplayer... But without the GPU running I can't watch any full-hd movie or Flash plugin.

I found some guide to get mplayer with hardware acceleration but is it not possible to use the GPU like every normal graphic card?

Any suggestion?

If I can fix it I can share the solution and try to make a package to install it on raspbian for banana pi. But I'm also open to change OS from raspbian to something else!

You'll never get an answer.


lol  Post time Nov 08, 2015 23:29

use the GPU like every normal graphic card  ???  Do you mean how to use the hardware acceleration of mplayer or vlc more easily ?..

maybe you can save the config file of mplayer which is already configured to used vdpau , and use this config file to replace the config file in mplayer source package ,so you don't need to  
configure it every time ......just a stupid idea , never in mind ~

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