Adafruit 800x480 5" touchscreen working

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I wanted to confirm a working touchscreen with Banana pi. I'm using raspbian wheezy 3.1. No modifications on a fresh 3.1 img. (only needs windows configuration to work as a 4 wire mouse)

Adafruit displays are using the AR1100 usb mouse controller to interact with touchscreen overlay on certain screens.

This display:

The all in one backpack: (I will receive on Tuesday, using same controller. Should be just fine)

The driver board and parts: (fully tested and working!)

After installing the AR configuration utility on a Windows7 system, Set up the controller as a 4 wire, usb Mouse. Then it works very well with banana pi, otherwise without the Windows setup it will appear to not function at all. I would assume the 7" screens would work with same AR1100 controller.

Here is the adafruit guide for the windows portion: ... ibrating-the-ar1100
I am looking forward to your trying.

It works... OK
but Adding 3 printed (1 large) circuit boards ?... Waiting for LENOVATOR LCD with TS for tiny screen.

Yeah I cant wait any longer, when better parts come out I'll try it too. For now, it all fits just fine so it doesnt really bother me. A better quality display would intrigue me, no matter how many boards it takes. And if it fits I can still use the touch overlay for any 5" screen.

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