Running BtSync on Bananian

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In trying to execute BtSync on Bananian 14.11 r01, I received the following error:
  1. -bash: btsync: No such file or directory
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The solution is to do:
  1. ln -sf /lib/ /lib/
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I'm no profi, but I believe it is because the btsync ARM binary is looking for

You can discover this information via a search, but I thought it would be good to include it on this forum.

Some urls with more info:

(for readelf I used eu-readelf in the elfutils package)

Thanks, wanted to install btsync in the next days after "upgrading" from a RaspberryPi to Bananian@BananaPi.
You might just have saved me some extensive web searches ;)

thumbs up. saved me some time.

Hi guys! I signed up just to post here. I have a Raspberry Pi, and speeds are REALLY slow. I have it on my own network (gigabit), but of course, I believe a bottleneck is happening between the USB port and the USB drive itself. I get between 1-1.6MB/s

If I upgrade to Banana Pi, would my USB read/write speeds improve?

The reason I ask is that I want to have a centralized backup server in a way. I want to use cheap, USB drives that I can swap in and out (rather than a spinning hard drive as they use up a lot more power) with BTSync. I love the versioning possibility. This weekend I formatted my hard drive, and adding the folders back to my computer takes FOREVER from the RPi. I get very slow read/write speeds.

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