i stuck at green boot screen for an android 4.2 and 4.4

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i has tried 4.4 beta and 4.2 for an android by using phoenix flash to the SD Card but when i inserted SD to banana PI and booting it i always stuck at green boot screen
do you guy have any ideas ?

thank you
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Do you mean an all-green screen, or a predominantly green screen with meaningful display objects on it (which is a normal part of the Android boot process).
If you mean an all-green screen, then something is seriously wrong, and most likely your flashing failed.

If you mean the normal boot screen being 'stuck' forever, this indicates that the flashing was mainly successful, but you still have some problem booting the card.

Such problems are normally split into three groups:
Flashing problems: Due to card reader_writer or unsuitable OS, like Win8 or newer.
Power problems: Due to any PSU with capacity of just 1A or less. 1.5A should be sufficient and 2A+ is recommended.
Image problems: Due to corruption of the image before flashing, like incomplete or corrupted downloads.

Best insurance against corruption is to download a packed image (ZIP or RAR etc), as corruption would be shown as unpacking failure.

Another thing to be aware of is that the initial boot of an Android system is VERY slow, and can take several minutes.
During this boot time there will be no meaningful display from the older Android images (all original ones).
Only a few of the latest images produced and posted by forum members show an animation during initial boot.

I forgot one other common cause of problems in the above, which is the use of any SD card with a lower 'class' rating than 10.

Best regards: dlanor

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