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maili gpu driver installed missing dependencies

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Hello Gyus,

I have one question about install mali gpu driver on a minimal debian installation. The Idea ist to start xmbc with my debian so I need the mali driver.

For Help I used the following tutorial on http://linux-sunxi.org/Mali_binary_driver#Build but I have a error on finde the upm module.

I´ve been on part upm installation

make test
  1. make -f Makefile.config
  2. ABI="armhf" (Detected)
  3. VERSION="r3p0" (Detected)
  4. EGL_TYPE="framebuffer" (Detected)
  5. make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/data/install/libump/sunxi-mali'
  6. Makefile.config:96: *** Missing library dependencies: libUMP.so.3.  Schluss.
  7. make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/data/install/libump/sunxi-mali'
  8. make: *** [config.mk] Fehler 2
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but upm module is used
  1. filename:       /lib/modules/3.4.90/kernel/drivers/gpu/mali/ump/ump.ko
  2. version:
  3. author:         ARM Ltd.
  4. license:        GPL
  5. srcversion:     657037CEC51FA07A6D526D6
  6. depends:
  7. intree:         Y
  8. vermagic:       3.4.90 SMP preempt mod_unload modversions ARMv7 p2v8
  9. parm:           ump_backend:0 = dedicated memory backend (default), 1 = OS memory backend (int)
  10. parm:           ump_memory_address:The physical address to map for the dedicated memory backend (uint)
  11. parm:           ump_memory_size:The size of fixed memory to map in the dedicated memory backend (uint)
  12. parm:           ump_debug_level:Higher number, more dmesg output (int)
  13. parm:           ump_major:Device major number (int)
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How can I resolved the dependencies?

Hi, rout86 , to solve this problem , you need copy /usr/local/lib/libUMP.so.3  to  /usr/lib/libUMP.so.3 or make e new link to that directory manually . Have a try ,good luck ~~~

HI hcdth011

thank you for your informaton. Installation was successfully but my xbmc is very slowly.

to test xbmc I booted lemedia installation kit and xbmc was very quick.
how can I check whether the hardware accelaration is used

rout86 replied at Wed Dec 10, 2014 14:13
HI hcdth011

thank you for your informaton. Installation was successfully but my xbmc is very slowly ...

Unfortunately it is nowhere near as simple as installing the mali binary driver. The LeMedia image uses LibHybris which allows you to use HW accelerated drivers from Android in other linux OS's.

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