Lubuntu v3.0 and XBMC - compiling issues

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Thanks Simon

Simon this is great news.
I have questions for you.
Are you compiling all the code on the BPi using gcc?  What code base did you start with.
Is the source code you are building posted someplace? I have been curious about this stuff myself.

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   Good! thanks for sharing

I've compiled it using git://github.com/rellla/xbmca10.git repo directly onboard.
btw I'm trougleshooting some issues with vlc. now with mplayer it plays smooth, but cannot start it fullscreen into xbmc. it flickers and xbmc stays ontop even the playercorefactory is correctly set...
I'll let you know soon.

Add that to the xbmc forum they may be able to help on that, it sounds familiar.

Thanks, I will be watching this thread.

Be patient some days and I'll able to share an image. Not perfect at all' but at least a starting point


Hey Simon, was thinking,  since this is a Linux compile do you think the same modules you get to work for hardware acceleration might plug into the Android version?

I am going to download  Gotham and take a poke around. See if I can figure out where the Cedar  changes need to go in. If you are getting hardware decompression working I might be able to merge that code in and see it works.
Just a thought anyway.

Thanks for your suggestion Thepiman. I'll try it out too. Currently I'm compiling VLC with cedar to  ...
xefil Posted at 2014-7-9 14:15

How does it work ?

I've no idea if those modules would work on Android too.
Actually I've got XBMC 12.2 working but the native player wont work for HD videos. Airplay and the rest is ok.
I've recompiled vlc but it goes in core dump playing videos in HD. I've opened a thread on VLC forum too:


Then, mplayer works well, no issues at all! But cannot use it on XBMC as external player. A strange behavior: on XBMC it flickers a lot. I've posted for help on XBMC forum, but no help for now:


VLC as external player works well, but hangs as written previous.


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