USB Touchscreen with Banana

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I see several questions about USB touchscreens.  I saw one answer that Android does not require a touchscreen.  While that was correct it was less than helpful to the OP.  But what if one WANTS a USB touchscreen?  I love these Banana boards and want to use them in a kiosk or even in the car, where a mouse is not available

Help or a pointer would be nice.... most off the shelf touchscreens have a USB interface, with few (or any) providing Android drivers or information on how to get them to work.

Oddly enough I purchased a 'different' manufacturers board and a 9" touchscreen and it just, well, worked.  No muss no fuss.  I'm working on porting the drivers

I feel we are in a similar boat. I posted the thread below a while back and am no closer to a solution.  I bought a 23" HDMI USB monitor hoping to run my BP on it.  No dice nativly.  I would love to hear a solution!


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