[Solved]Only red led - is my BPi broken?

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Hi all,

I received a new BPi and I can only get it to show a red led. I tried two SD cards (1GB SanDisk and 2GB generic) and two power supplies (the one I got from the seller and a Samsung charger). The SD cards mount fine on my laptop.

The HDMI out doesn't show anything, even if I wait a long time. I don't have RS-232 capability.

Is there any troubleshooting I can do?


Please try with another image, different than the one you are currently using.
Raspbian is a good choice for beginners.
Also check your power source, disconnect all peripherals. Recommended PSU is 5V 2A.

Thanks for responding actkk2000!

I tried a couple different images, and some of them lit up the green led, others didn't. I also tried a different HDMI cable and an original iPad 10W power supply. Nothing turns on HDMI or tries to get a DHCP address over ethernet.

I'll get an 8GB SD card next but I have to buy one first.

What does a typical boot sequence look like? Red light, almost immediately green light, and then? When does HDMI turn on?

The sequence I've seen is red light for power, green light for boot and finally blue light for network.
Now I've just realized you have two SD cards but I believe the size is not enough...
See these instructions for SD cards:

Actually, I just tested one of the SD cards on a Raspberry Pi, and it booted BerryBoot just fine, within seconds. Without an SD card the RPi stays dark too, but with BerryBoot it shows an image almost instantly.

The BPi doesn't show anything, just red led, green led :-(

I'll buy a new SD card today

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Did you use both PSUs with the same cable? Some cables drop so much voltage that it's not possible to boot.

When you do your next test it really might help when you tell us exactly what you're trying (eg. Booting Bananian 14.11.02 with the PSU connected to the pwr-in and not the USB OTG port -- because then the result can be exptected: flashing green LED and HDMI output available. This might differ with other images since the ones with mainline kernel have no working HDMI and some might disable the green LED at all)

Success! :-)

I bought a 16GB Toshiba class-10 micro-SD+adapter (cheapest brand-name class-10 I could find), and BerryBoot boots from it instantly

wmertens replied at Wed Dec 10, 2014 09:27
Success! :-)

I bought a 16GB Toshiba class-10 micro-SD+adapter (cheapest brand-name class-10 I coul ...

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