How to Enable/Disable Telephony on Allwinner A20 SoC (BPi)

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I am trying to enable Telephony, SMS, and USSD functionality via 2G/3G USB Dongle (usually based on Qualcomm or MediaTek chip-set) on BPi. The problem here is that the above mentioned functions are available, after software installation, on Systems running Windows XP/7/8, MAC OS etc. But for Android (4.2.2), the USB Dongle only connects the System to the Internet using 3G and nothing else. No other services are available.

The limited research that I have done tells me that A20 has the capacity for Telephony services as BUILD.PROP has following files in it:



I think, theoretically, it is possible to turn this Dev. Board into a Smartphone (of sorts) via USB Dongle, but it requires playing around with Android RIL (Radio Interface Layer), of which I have absolutely zero clue.

Any help that I can get from this forum in this regard would be highly appreciated. Anxiously waiting for some response.
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