Lubuntu enhanced image, allows to boot up headless

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I just made a new image based on the Lubuntu 3.0 image.I comes with a ssh server and a sudoer so you can start headless right away.

You can find all the info and download links here: ... start-headless.html

Tks can u do the same for the raspberry os too?

Reply 3# daristan

   I think you can do this in raspberry. you must run raspi-config and search for desktop menu.

after download the files, when i unzip it, there is some errors, think the file is corrupted, can you upload a new one?

New one uploaded!

Tks, manage to get it install to 16gb card, 8gb not enough space somehow

Reply 6# glnds

Nice job man, everything works. Your image is bigger and takes more time to burn the SD, but at least it does not crash.
Managed tu update, upgrade, install several favorite packages {mc, atop}.
Keeping fingers crossed.

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