Switch off the leds ?

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as far as I know the blue/redt leds are connected directly to the lan/power controller and are not controlled via software from the main cpu.
May be it sounds funny, but the simplest way to disable the blue/red leds is to use a peace of adhesive tape.  Just cover the leds with something dark and the lights won't disturb your usage. Remaining strips of light on the board may still be used for diagnosing, so you do not need to remove the led cover for this.

Blue Led problem solved: edding 3000 black (Sharpie in the US

Which need to change the line to turn off the green LED?
  1. [leds_para]
  2. leds_used = 1
  3. leds_num = 1
  4. leds_pin_1 = port:PH24<1><default><default><0>
  5. leds_name_1 = "green:ph24:led1"
  6. leds_default_1 = 1
  7. leds_trigger_1 = "heartbeat"
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I'm putting a paper on top of my acrylic transparent case to prevent flashing of Blue led at night, else I cannot go to sleep at all :-D It'd be awesome to shut down blue led with a command or a boot parameter etc.

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Try changing "heartbeat" to "none"

It does not work. It still shines.

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   I would try this : leds_default_1 = 0

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Thank you works.


for switching off the blue led you can you use the attached source file.
Unpack it, then compile using:
gcc -o bpi_ledset bpi_ledset.c
on your BPi, then run with
./bpi_ledset eth0 0
to turn it off and
./bpi_ledset eth0 1
to turn it on again
(as root)



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sqr82 replied at 2014-10-22 17:55

for switching off the blue led you can you use the attached source file.

Thanks! Although I like blue led...

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