any gps device know to work with android?

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no woories.. also no native speaker/writer here.
hey.. here is another apk. dunno if it will work on android 4.2 ... 57&postcount=58

No. Doesn't work. But it's some progress. I found app which create virtual ttyUSB gps device. pl2303
In terminal I can receive gps coordinate with command cat /dev/ttyUSB0, but app UsbGPS, HereAreYou not detected it...

did you connect it via OTG ? (mini usb)

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May be prolific pl2303 usb-uart can help us, but I can't install it from google play...device incompatible

Wieczor replied at Tue Dec 16, 2014 13:56
did you connect it via OTG ? (mini usb)

yes, with otg

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data in terminal and gps dongle blinking. But without external gps app navigation will not work...

android 4.2.2, stock image from this forum

does it makes sense to connect it with OTG? how to you connect the banana pi with it and deliver the pi with power?

maybe bluetooth is the easier choice. damn, don't know where my old bluetooth gps mouse is.

Power- 5v 1a in microusb slot for power, otg cable in otg slot, cable from gps to otg cabel.
Via Bluetooth I don't know how because stock image without Bluetooth drivers and settings.

ok.. learned about the otg port now. newbee like me didn't discover it before.
so currently nobody knows a device which will work with helping tools like 'you are here gps' and my sygic nav app?

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