any gps device know to work with android?

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scuba303 replied at Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:29
ok.. learned about the otg port now. newbee like me didn't discover it before.
so currently nobody k ...


I do not have, neither need gps. But I just had a look at the sources and it seems that gps support usable by csi ports is disactivated by default, you can see that in the file ... aker/sys_config.fex

and look at these parameters:
  1. [gps_para]
  2. gps_used            = 0
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For usb gps, I presume this is not needed, then appropriate kernel module should be generated, and maybe some options on android side.

strange, but as soon as change gps = 1, can not supply the firmware, the device does not boot

YES!!! It's work
Found a solution, and you don't have to plug in the OTG connector.
1. in the directory /system/etc/permissions create the file "". In it add rows
<feature name=""/>

2. in file "platform.xml" in this same directory at the end before the line </permissions> add row
<feature name=""/>.

Restart the device. GPS module begin work and work a third-party program.

great news. so you use one of the standard usb ports now? without otg at all?

Thanks. Yes, absolutely any port

Since NONE of the terms used in those XML file changes relate in any way to GPS, the consequences must go beyond that.
Quite likely there are other services too which are enabled by such changes.

Best regards: dlanor

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