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I'd like to use my Harmony remote to trigger some actions on my Banana Pi.

I'd prefer to use an external IR receiver (better to place without having USB cable in the way) with lirc, but it seems like there's no driver (something like the lirc_rpi module) so far.

The integrated receiver seems to only support a few remotes, which are mapped to key events - which then could be handled in return with the devinput driver in lirc. However, while some events are recognized from my regular devices' remotes, I couldn't find a device to program my Harmonly remote to without either influencing my regular devices or not being recognized by the Banana receiver at all. Could you please post some devices (as that's what I need to enter...) for working remotes?
Sorry , there is not any drivers for external IR receiver yet .
And it's true that the current driver can't support any kinds of remote , maybe you can try the remote like these:


Hi Tony,

Thanks for posting the pdf's - good information.

Would it be possible to get a version with more printer-friendly tables? ie very light color backgrounds, black text?

I thought I saw a program to map all that in Lubuntu?

I could have been mistaken.

Otherwise, the IR sensor should be pretty easy to replace, as it's bottom-soldered to the board.

Drivers should be fairly easy to write for something like that, too.

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