Netflix streaming Works OK!

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I have been complaining off and on about NetFlix and the quality of the picture.
I tired all kinds of things to get it going but could not seem to stop it from being pixelated.

Hulu Plus works great and had no issue but Netflix was badly pixelated like it was playing
at low res.  I was not sure what to do.
Tried all kinds of things but could not figure out how to fix it.

Well another issue caused me to do two things. I downloaded the MXPlayer a codec pack
for MXPlayer (to play AC3 audio but it really was of no help) and Chrome Beta.

Some how between those two things NetFlix healed itself and now plays very nice on my 50 inch set.

So Happy Holidays my Banana droid media box is giving me tons of enjoyment.

Great, good to know

btw with android 4.4 the netflix app can play the videos in 1080p

Great news!
But does anyone know, if its possible to control Netflix with a remote control (like Yatse for Kodi) ?

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Hello! I've installed mx player codecs (armv v7) and Chrome beta, but netflix still running low resolution....Can you people help me??? Thx in advance!

same here.. tried everything, multiple times, but no change. Must have been another magic trick, but which one???.. Probably too much work, but if you would take an empty memory card, install the same version and do nothing but only doing the magic trick, I wonder if this trick still works. Comparing then the directories might reveal the secret.  
@Bob: Are you sure it's running in HD?? If you do a ssh session to your Banana, what is the CPU load under top? Don;t bother to try under 4.4, although a higher support number for hw decoding, Netflix seems not to use it.. no visible difference between 4.4 and 4.2

Stopped using the board for TV. Went with a different board.
Now setting it up for NAS drive.

pity... you're a few days too early.. I had similar problems, but Netflix playing nice now after the latest Netflix update. I'm watching it right now :-)

The google play Netflix for Android 4.2, works to 480p. For this reason the low quality.

Install Netflix this link

I used the Maximum 3850 kbps version

After you install this version of the Netflix videos are with good quality

How can you see it's only 480p? I really wonder if another Netflix client will solve this since the major problem is the lack of hw decoding, not of the bitstream. Afaik, Netflix does a auto-detect on available bandwidth and adapts the quality. I've a decent Netflix image now using the tips on the forum here (exposed framework, fake-wifi, 720P kernel)

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