Lubuntu GPU acceleration, driver, support

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I have the BPI since a few days and everything works great. I use Lubuntu without troubles (even ExFat devices work).

I tried Android but Lubuntu is the OS I like best. So is there any chance to get GPU acceleration for 3D applications and HD Video playback?

I´m new to Linux but everythinks seems very Logical as far as installing the GPU driver.
There is a Driver p2v8 installed (/sbin/modinfo mali) but no application is supported.

There are some tutorials in the Forum and the web but I don´t know if they work.

Have I missed a thing or is the GPU Support still in development?

Thanks and best regards,


hi ninjawarrior821,

thank you very much!!

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I downloaded the image from the following link ... mized-distribution/ , it worked pretty well, I can watch videos up to 1080p with mplayer; I can see full screen.

Quite important advance since I had been impossible, the only problem I have is that I could add subtitles. mplayer comes to aprecer without frontend, and errors are trying to install one and I can not use.

An important step hardware acceleration, but still lacking, especially in a browser to view videos from yotube

marvelous!!!! Finally get a solution

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