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Banana Pi robotic kit

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Hi guys, we have developed robotic kit based on Banana Pi and Raspberry Pi computers. You can build balancing or spider robot with our modules. We have also automation module for intelligent home.
Check our campaign on Indiegogo and let us know what you think.


Excellent. When can we have a try? And if I can get one kit for playing?

Very cool indeed!


Nice looking bot! I like the laser cut body etc.

Your campaign does not seem to include any technical information, for example:

- exactly what does PiController do, what capabilities does it have?
- what camera do you have in the "vision" module - all I see is an ultrasonic sensor
- how can your bot follow the line on your page, there are no sensors visible in the drive module?
- where are the batteries powering the bot, and what is their capacity?
- why does your bot need "the cloud", and what do you do in "the cloud"

Looking forward to more information!



They have finally added some specs & pics!

You can actually see a camera module in the "head" now

Sounds like they use a 16 channel pwm chip (same as adafruit?) and an ATMega added to the Pi

8xAA or LiPo, but I still don't see space for the battery pack in the head/controller/drive unit

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