Banana Pi doesn't automatically boot at power on

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My Banana Pi only boots when I press the reset or power on button.
No automatic boot when I just plug in the power supply.
I have tested with 2 different power supplies which are both capable of delivering 2A.
When I press any of the two mentioned buttons the B-Pi boots as desired and successfully runs Arch Linux and Bananian.
But for a device which is intended to reside somewhere in the closet I need an automatic boot after power failures without the need of pressing any buttons.
Is there a trick to get this working somehow?
Or do I need to get another device or better by a raspberry instead?
I foud that the pi does not boot automatically because I used a PS2 keyboard with a PS2 to USB converter.
This is weird but without a keyboard or with a native USB keyboard power on boot  works as it should.
With the converter it only boots when I press the power button for a few seconds

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