Lubuntu => Blank Screen after logging in (after installation of xrdp)

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Hello Guys,

i have some serious problems after installing xrdp (to log into my Banana from Windows) on my Banana Pi Pro (running on Lubuntu).
Does someone have some similar Problem´s after installation of xrdp?!?

Or could someone give me informations on how to get this working again?

At the moment the only gui that i can open is when i´m logging in with root, with any other users i only get a blank desktop (open a Terminal isn´t possible, only per ssh over putty)

I tried different solutions from other forums (i.e.):


but nothing of the solutions helped so far...
I set up everything (seafile, a.s.o.,...) so i´d be very happy to get this solved without a complete reinstall...

Thanks in advance!
You can try to use the vnc, the link below ... 8&highlight=vnc

you can reference this.

I too got the same problem while installing xrdp. I have taken the homework help to get the solution. But, after reading this post, I got the permanent solution.

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