Max current draw from BananaPi GPIO, 5V and 3.3V

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I have search tons of documentation/forum threads, about BananaPi, about A20 chip, but nowhere is information about:

1) How much can I draw from pins (GPIO; total from A20 chip) - on A20 datasheet is PIN = max 20mA - really? And total from chip A20/or rail (GPIO pins)?

2)  How much can I draw 5V, 3.3V?

3) How much can I draw from USB? Some ppls have problem, that they have burn some diode on BPI. Somewhere I have found, that, Power IN can supply 2A, USB OTG can supply 1A, so USB can draw max 2.7A. Really?


1) Someone says, 2mA max... but it' s not really true, but good to respect. For 3.3V is max current draw 50mA, pins are powered from 3.3V, so 50mA / 17 pins (my Raspi) = +-3mA, but someone makes research and gets 16mA/23mA and someone says, maximum is 30mA as total maximum from one pin and total maximum 50mA from all pins.

2) 5V; 1A - 700mA (self consumption of my Pi) = 300mA = this can be draw from 5V pins
3.3 = 50mA

3) Same as point two.

With best regards Radius
Is bad, that nobody knows that

I have the same question here brother. Trying to look for the answer...

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