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Hello, I just bought a new Banana Pi, is the fist time that I get one, and I followed some guides to download the OS image (raspbian) to a SD card, I put then the SD card into the Banana Pi and connect a USB mouse and keyboard. I'm using a micro usb power supply of 5V and 1A, but when I connect it to a screen with a hdmi cable, doesn't appears any image, like the hdmi cable was disconnected, although the red and green leds were on. What could I be doing wrong?, or why is happening this and what can I do to get the Banana Pi working? Please.

Thanks for the help.
Hi folks,

i suggest to you to look on a new power supply with minimum 2A, just to ensure.
but you could reburn your SD card.

Thanks for the answer.
is it realy the amperage?, I read that it's ok to use a power supply with more than 700 mA, but always i had my doubts because the specifications says that it needs 2A.
And what happens if I turn on the Banana Pi without an SD card, or without an OS, it shows something in the screen?. I'm using a 32 Gb micro SD class 10 with adapter to SD card.

Since you mentioned 'green led' and Raspbian: When the green led shows the 'heartbeat' blinking then the OS is loaded and running. There are known issues regarding blank screens when connecting eg. DVI displays with a HDMI-to-DVI-adapter since some of them do not provide EDID information from the display to the BPi (I ran into this problem many times with different single board computers and now always end up connecting them to a HDMI capable beamer since 1280x720 seems to work directly)

Another solution to your problem could be:
Ensure that your HDMI cable is not inserted when you boot up your pi. As soon as the green light starts blinking then insert your HDMI cable. The resolution might be found at that moment and will work
Hope that solves it

Thanks to everybody for your answers. After some tests, I found that the problem was the OS, I downloaded the Bananian OS, that I put it in the SD card, but when I used Android for my Banana Pi, the Logo of Android appears in the screen, but a new problem appears now, this image is shown constantly and never the OS is loaded. I downloaded the OS from the main page of lemaker. What can I do?

Try with another SD card, without adapter if possible.

Ragarding the android logo, it can take some times because during first boot the sdcard build the full filesystem.

Once done, wait until the launcher appear, it can take 1~2 minutes depending of the sdcard, it's slighly faster on a class 10.The next boot will be faster.

I'm using an SD Card class 10, and in my last try, I have passed 47 minutes and nothing happens.

tkaiser replied at Mon Dec 22, 2014 02:34
Since you mentioned 'green led' and Raspbian: When the green led shows the 'heartbeat' blinking then ...

Same situation here, can't see anything on screen connected to yellow video output jack.

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