Banana Pi to HY070CTP-HD LCD (LVDS/RGB)

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Has anyone tried LVDS? I haven't got the fex right.

hannan.khan replied at Fri Jan 30, 2015 03:02
yea stuck at almost the same place.... android doesnt work.... i tried to use the LCD.o/disp.o/hdm ...

I'm not going to be using android, but can you build a new kernel for it?

Maybe you could compare the log on startup in android vs bananian to help figure out how it loads the display

zola replied at Fri Jan 30, 2015 19:59
Has anyone tried LVDS? I haven't got the fex right.

I have tried LVDS. Had to make a few changes to my converter board. No success, whatsoever. Not even on Ubuntu

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LCD is working flawlessly with Marsboard A20. Brightness is perfect, and touch is like your everyday middle-range smartphones

Also working with Banana Pi albeit without touch.

edit: Android OS using default Marsboard fex with few modifications.

Could you post the fex you are using on the Banana Pi which is working well?

Any news to use this LCD with banana ?
Actually, 7" touch screen are out of stock. I cannot have my customers to wait. So a compatible screen is the solution.

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