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my Banana pi pro did arive yesterday.
Lubuntu_For_BananaPi_v3.1.1 works fine.

Now I am going to use WLAN.
I charfully pluged in the antenna and rotatet it in the way that ther is much space between antenna and other ICs.

In the nm-applet, which is standart in LUbuntu, the "way of comunication" is even not mentionde.
Also "iw list" and "iw phy" do not output anything.
The output of "iw phy0" is equal to the output of "iw phy1" and it seams to be generated automaticly, which has onlu the value defaulte".

What shell I do.

I hope I will get some help although my Englisch.
Nyquist always wanted to be pronaunst Nüquist like München.
Unfortunetly, Nyquist is gone and is not able to defend him self.

Wait for updated images to support PBI Pro or follow Tony's instructions: ... 92&fromuid=1602

You can use the script to upgrade the kernel firmware on the Banana Pro board,and link as below ... ript_bp_update.html

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