Who are orange pi ?

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Hi, another clone version seems to be available, but the funny things is their web site completely copy/paste from lemaker, even the wiki pages, just replacing banana by orange.

Are you aware of that ?

That's intresting!

Seems LeMaker became the APPLE in opensource filed? Lots imitators now !

May similarly looking Web page


The "mini" version looks like BananaPro.
But the most interesting one seems the OrangePi itself.
Like our BananaPI + more GPIO + integrated wifi.

The price is very aggressive (<40$) but the questions are to know
* if it is sustainable or not.
* if it is well designed
* I can't find any support's information. Is it possible to run Banana Binary. Anything about FEX configuration, wifi driver.

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destroyedlolo replied at Wed Dec 24, 2014 07:29
The "mini" version looks like BananaPro.

Their 'mini' has a completely different PCB (all the 'hot stuff' on the upper and not on the lower side like BPi and the 'Pro'), they use a reasonable power-in connector not that insufficient Micro-USB-crap and they've 2 TF card slots.

If one looks at this table http://www.cnx-software.com/2014/12/22/orange-pi-board/ one might come to the conclusion that they try to be as compatible as possible to BPi, Pro and SinoVoip's BPi M2 to profit from the software efforts others already made (LeMaker, Lamobo and especially 'the community'). We will see...

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I was speaking in term of capabilities
Anyway, the OrangePI board (not the mini one) has very interesting stuffs, like onboard NANDs, more GPIO ... stuffs that I love to see on my Banana ...
The onboard NANDs is very interesting : you don't need anymore an SD card. Only install uboot on the NAND and start from HD, or even the network.

Wait some time to see if the board doesn't suffer for misconception as the infamous D5 one

I hope the board is good, but their web site is simply ... pathetic : most of the links doesn't work as not compliant with HTML standard

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