Who are orange pi ?

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destroyedlolo replied at Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:25
I was speaking in term of capabilities
Anyway, the OrangePI board (not the mini one) has very int ...

ha~ Yeap, wait and see !
but i dont think it will be better than their web page LOL~~

I duno as they are using technologies that are well known and they are probably better in board designing than in software ...
For the moment, I can see only come copies of what we have on the Banana, nothing new (again in term of software), no documentation.

Let's see some feedbacks as the board itself has some very interesting stuffs (NAND and more GPIO) for an aggressive price

Regarding aggressive price, I prefer ODROID-C1 (which I just ordered ^^). But regarding banana Pi-like boards, I prefer a board whith an active community, like the Lamaker one, than  a copycat with empty shell

Well : it seems first customers received some cards.
The community remains embryonic, if not non-existent (frankly speaking, Banana's one is not as brilliant as it was at the beginning).
I had a look on specs and schematics, specially on OrangePI model (the one looking like our BananaPI) : the only additional signals exposed are ADC_X1 (X1_TP on the A20) and friend.
I wasn't able to found information about them : do you know the aims of those ports ?

As for the Banana, it's bad there is so many IO ports unused

actkk2000 replied at Wed Dec 24, 2014 07:26

Truly it is! :O

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I just wonder how long will these products last......

They have sent me a Orange Pi board and Bananian works fine, including ethernet.
See https://twitter.com/tryvann/status/556134039795793920 and https://www.bananian.org/hardware#orange_pi

I have no time to go into detail right now but will do some tests in February.

Bananian replied at Fri Jan 16, 2015 19:21
They have sent me a Orange Pi board and Bananian works fine, including ethernet.
See https://twitter ...

I'll do the same with my Gentoo tests.

Igor's also done: http://www.igorpecovnik.com/2015/01/18/orange-pi-debian-sd-image/

The 'Orange Pi' works with exactly the same .fex/script.bin file. LOL, what a level of 'compatibility' they achieved

Frankly speaking, it's not a surprise : they are using the same components but the Wifi.
After all, bPI is opensource isn't it

(it's not the same for the website, and it's simply a shame they can't build a website on their own )

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