[Solved]Problems after flashing my SD-Card

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Hey Guys,
at first, i am very sorry for my bad english.

Yesterday i bought a banana pi and installed Lubuntu to an 32Gb SDHC class 10 card. It worked perfectly. No Problems.

But i think, android may be better for using the Banana Pi as a Car-Hifi-Computer.

So i tried to flash my SD - Card by using PhoenixCard: The program told me, that everything was successfully burned.

But after starting the Pi it was doing nothing but a white, blue, red, yellow display.

I changed the SD - Card (i used a 8GB SDHC now) - but it still doesnt work

I changed the Powersupply (at first i used a samsung-mobilephone power supply) i am using my Laptop-usb-connection now.

Both with the same color-changing-issue.

Do u have any hints for me how i could fix this problem?
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Format sd Card first to fat32 and then use an external Card Reader / wreiter for phoenixcard...

be sure you set sd Card no Format to normal first... and write mode is set to Startup...

Thx for ur reply.

I formatted both sd-cards with SdFormatter as written in the tutorial of this webpage. I tried 2 laptops with 2 different operation-systems (windows 7 and 8) But PhoenixCard seems not to work well under windows 8 - With windows 7 PhoenixCard told me that everything was successfully burned. I also tried 2 sd-card-reader (Laptop and an extern card-reader) still doesnt work.

I dont know what to do (btw. the image i am using is downloaded from this page).

i use Windows 8.1 and external usb Card Reader and it worked well... i don't used sd formatter... i just Format Manual to fat32 and then use phoenixcard 3.1

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Mhm this is what it looks like under windows 8.1

(seems there is a problem with the fonts, because i cant see what the value of the buttons is).

test run with Settings for Windows xp sp2...

I tried to start with compatibility-mode Windows XP SP 2 -> same result.

But doesnt matter, i have another laptop with windows 7. And it works well on windows 7 (mhm, the program seems to work well, but there is something what is going wrong because it is still doing the same problem)

But after starting the Pi it was doing nothing but a white, blue, red, yellow display.

According this problem, it is your monitor not suitable to the Android system. I have encounter this problem in the past. But I have change a monitor, it works ok.

Thank you very much, that was the solution. I am using another display and it works fine. At first i used an Acer 23" and now i am using a Benq 23" and with the Benq its ok.

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