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i just found an old computer case i like to use for my banana pi, hdds etc. problem is that i like to use the power and reset button from the pc case, but the solder-pin onthe board are a bit tiny to solder a wire on (at least for me). so i like to know if i get get the contacts somewhere else on on the board.
thanks and excuse my bad english.
It's not that easy sorry.
To use the Power/reset button of you Pc you have to build a litte circuit with resistance to avoid a short circuit when pressing the power bottun.
You also cannot just put the wires on the GPIO Pins of the board, you have to connect to some pins on the Board itself.
To get more infomation: ... ff-power-controller
Its for Raspberry Pi but would work also for the BananaPi.
If you don't have much experience with circuits, it would not recommend this...

No... I'm sure you can use buttons on a PC case because it's just SPST. Now, the only solution is  soldering (sorry) some tiny wires in // with Bpi buttons. May be blocked with hot glue.
Rpi has no buttons, so this is the reason why it's not the same to connect power & RST buttons

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