Regulator failed - alternative inputs?

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Recently I got the voltage regulator burnt. At first I didn't know this was the case.. I saw a little smoke coming out and I just thought it was a piece of the wire from my power sources.

But I found on the internet that in fact.. most likely.. the main power regulator just burnt, which is common in such devices (in order to prevent more damage when power fluctuations occur)

However, I tried to look at the datasheet of the BananaPi and search alternative options to power it SAFELY.. but no luck.
I found ways to power the Raspberry Pi while the regulator is still on, via GPIO, where it would serve just as a fuse..

Is there any point where I could tap in with 5V 1A in order to power it again? Also, because the chip is burnt, do I have to put something in series, between the power supply and the Banana Pi? Maybe a resistor?

I'm looking for any option that wouldn't include replacing the chip. It's too small for my soldering iron.. so I won't bother

Just in case I'm mistaken and it's not the power regulator, I attached a picture. The red thingy smoked for a second.



PS: the BPi won't start at all now - no leds, no nothing
Dear  OverDark ,The red thing is U15,sy6280,it just used to protect the USB-OTG PORT.  your BPi won't start at all now ,so,I think  something else should burnt suggestions:
1、remove U15,power up,and see BPi work or not;
2、check all power rail,any of them  short to GND?
3、check the powerup sequence and find out which power rail was burnt,and replace it!

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