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HOWTO: Get a working hardware accelerated video with gstreamer.

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Beetlejuice replied at Fri Jan 30, 2015 12:08
Same problem for me, all is ok until "fatal error" ...
So i'm waiting for help too

I had the same problem, so I decided to compile libva from source. Then I was able to build gstreamer-vaapi, but something went wrong, because gst-inspect shows only one vaapi plugin:
vaapiparse:  vaapiparse_h264: H.264 parser

michael replied at Mon Jan 19, 2015 09:26
Hello dizus:

First, thanks for your awesome tutorial. Finally, I can play 1080p video smoothly with ...

Not sure if it's still relevant, but considering the error messages I suppose it has something
to do with audio system, in particular Alsa. Make sure it's working, check permissions on audio device
or try running your pipeline as root.

Edited by dizus at Wed Feb 18, 2015 04:18
randyf1965 replied at Thu Jan 29, 2015 05:15
Everything worked fine until I got to the gstreamer vaapi plugin, when I run make I get the follwing ...

I suppose every step up to compiling gstreamer vaapi plugin went well?
If so there must be some kind of changes made to the plugin source or raspbian packages.

First of all, I would double check if every apt package mentioned is installed.
Pay attention to development packages (those usually come with "dev" in the package name).
There may be a rare case when the some package was renamed or maybe split into a couple of packages,
though I highly doubt that. Verify that you didn't get any errors when installing those packages.

Second option, which is more likely, there have been some changes made to the plugin source code.
Since you are getting the source from the GIT repository your are getting the latest version. Try cloning
some older version and see if it you can compile it with out error.

Hope that helps a little. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to work with Banana Pi at the moment. Maybe I'll
try to go through the HOWTO and see if anything has changed since I wrote it.

The problem in compiling Vaapi is that libva-dev is older than what vaapi plugin wants.
You can however get older version from freedeskktop.org
(http://www.freedesktop.org/softw ... es/gstreamer-vaapi/) version 0.5.9 should compile fine within raspbian

2 dizus:
Nice job! Many thanks.
2 Pegax:
That's really works.

I'm verify this howto for OLinuXino A20.

can someone upload edited image for testing?

that is a awesome work ! Thank U !

Hi Dizus:
I've tried to follow your guide to create vdpau and I always find the same problem:
'vdpauinfo: cannot connect to X server.'

I've assured that:
/dev/cedar_dev is assigned to video group.

What I've noticed is that xorg.0.log shows the message:
'no 3D acceleration because the driver has been compiled withot libUMP'

I'm using last image for Banana Pro instead of Banana Pi. Can be the cause?

karletes replied at Thu Sep 10, 2015 04:57
Hi Dizus:
I've tried to follow your guide to create vdpau and I always find the same problem:
'vdpa ...

I was using root user. If I use bananapi user it works.

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