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Case with 3.5" HDD?

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Dear banana fans,

I`ve been looking for some 3D models to print out, but aparently all available case designs are for 2.5" hard drives, like this one.

Because of lower cost and higher available capacities of 3.5" drive, I would like a case that would fit both my Banana Pi, the (3.5") hard drive and a power adapter like this that I already ordered.

Does anybody have a model for this, or does somebody with CAD skills have time and ambition to draw it?

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I did some tests in the past regarding thermal and acoustic issues and decided to go with MDF (22mm thick) due to noise insulation and vibrations. Both Banana Pi, some additional stuff and the HDD will be mounted vertically inside. Since it will serve as an OpenSource Time Capsule replacement it will look in the end somewhat like this (just 1.5 times larger):

But it will be open or covered with a punched plate on top due to the thermal design (let convection jump in. I plan to clock the BPi with 1.2 Ghz and maximum network tuning). If I succeed with this stuff within the next weeks I post some pictures/measurements in a new thread here.

actkk2000 replied at Thu Jan 8, 2015 08:56
Maybe this?

Nope. A 3.5" HDD won't fit inside this insane enclosure. It has a horrible thermal design. When the BPi is operated constantly under high load it will overheat and a HDD will add to this problem.

The enclosure you mention shares the same ignorance for the thermal challenges BPi and Banana Pro introduced (all hot stuff on the bottom side of the PCB) as all the commercialy available enclosures. One of the few exceptions is cyryllo's BanaNAS enclosure: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:460603

An enclosure containing a 3.5" HDD has to be built the same way otherwise you will run into problems when operating the whole thing under high load since there's insufficent air flow. Look at this: 20° C too much due to bad thermal design of the enclosure: http://forum.lemaker.org/thread-9677-1-1-fun_cooler_for_bpi.html

If you attach the disk to the case, it can act as a heat sink...
And you can always add a fan if you want...
It's just a thought...
But I know you are very thorough when it comes about temperature.
Thank you for sharing your insights!  

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