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I have this OLED (I2C): ... ies/1841983003.html

followed this tutorial(wiring I2C without RST): ... bone-black/overview

Module BBOI didn't get installed. I got an error for that, so i installed it manually.

And after BBIO working I got the following error + response on Github:

is there a difference between rpi and bpi gpio numbers / strings / integers?

i am running raspbian and my oled is different from the "original" (does only have 4 pins ; no reset)

My second display is this one: ... Hot/1721716254.html

I saw it working on a Bpi already: ... n-sd-image/#display
As I said i'm running Raspbian. Can / should I download his kernel and install it or should I compile my own with (fbtft) LCD driver in it? I never compiled a kernel nor do I know how to install it.
Not that iportant, but still interesting: Is it possible to use this display like a monitor and display LXDE desktop / console on it? (this could be solution for display, right?)

My third display (which is still on it's way from china) luckily is already covered here:
and should work without kernel modifications, right?
1. The i2c on Banana Pro/Pi is i2c-2, on Raspberry Pi it is i2c-0 or i2c-1. Maybe you need change the number in the source code.

2. The fbtft driver has been included in the latest Raspbian system. You can use it directly. But you need do some modifications. You can follow this: ... amp;highlight=fbtft    start from step2 ... amp;highlight=fbtft   read the whole article and comment.

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