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I am new to Banana Pi, but I have had a Raspberry Pi for a while.

I have tried several OS images, but so far only Raspbian seems to work. I have tried different Android images, and have burnt the image with the PhoenixCard utility, as recommended. But sometimes I only get the red light, and sometimes I get the blue and red lights, but not red, green and blue lights. With the LeMedia image I only get the red and green lights. With Lubuntu just the red. Plus I have tried a couple of other OS images as well, with the same result. At first I thought that I needed a new power supply, so I bought one recommended for Banana Pi. But it didn't help. The SD cards are new 8 GB class 10 cards. I have tried several.

The Raspbian image works, but I can't get a sound out of it. I installed a music player, and the player seemed to be installed correctly - I got the Web interface, and it showed on my network. But the volume was set at -1, and it wouldn't move when I tried to increase it. I now use the Banana Pi as a web server for my music library, and that works fine. But I had hoped it would be useful for other applications too.
For your answer:
The red led is a power led.
The green led is usr-defined led, on Linux OS like raspbian, lemedia, it will blink like a hearbeat.
The blue led is a Enthernet led on Banana Pi, it will blink if you connect your enthernet. (On Banana Pro, it is a user defined led.)

On the Raspbian, the sound is set to audio jack by default, not through HDMI.

Should the green light blink on the Android images? I did get the blue light on one of these images, but no HDMI out.

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