problem set sound out in x11 (SOLVED)

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Hi ,  i  success to basic setup sound  work  in text mode,

by edit /etc/asound.conf
i create user  and  add user in audio' group to access sound device,

aplay -l
  1. *** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
  2. card 0: sunxicodec [sunxi-CODEC], device 0: M1 PCM [sunxi PCM]
  3.   Subdevices: 1/1
  4.   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
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i install cmus and test with mp3 , work well

but  on  openbox (apt-get install xorg openbox obconf obmenu) it's no sound with gui apps

audacious  it's not play , i try to setup in preference  output plugins, it  used alsa by default

open youtube in  iceweasel , it's no sound,

alsamixer  and  alsamixergui  work  well with cmus in terminal emulator in x11.  

i try to install xfce4-mixer , it's not help

i  google and try  to  used  kernel module  snd-aaci ,   modprobe snd-aaci  but it's the same,  i'm newbie to config linux, please help. what am i missing?

UPDATE and Solutions.
Audacious solution.
for who would like to used audacious for gui mp3 player , i find solution from  , ,  as audacious will provided own , which not work with arm. so we have to compile  ,  before compile make sure you install   libasound2 and libasound2-dev ,  

Sound on youtube with iceweasel  updated  Jan 10, 2015

apt-get install pulseaudio    ## that's it.

"after i install and used iceweasel on bananian + openbox , it's crash many time (download file and save - my work around is used firefox plugis download manager instead of  standard download),  and i recommend sudo apt-get install midori for  alternative web browser - less resource consume than ice weasel, play  youtube in iceweasel html5 mode , cpu will run almost 100% (install mali and fbturbo will improve video in youtube)"


- select xv video output and  alsa audio output (if you install pulseaudio, choose pulseaudio)

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