1-wire on Lubuntu

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I use Lubuntu with wiringBP and want to add a 18b20 on gpio 3.
I tried it wirh sunxi-tools, but had to stop because there is no /boot/bananapi/script.bin...
I tried with "modprobe w1-gpio pullup=1" and. "modprobe w1-therm"  which both were executed, but the. 18b20 was not detected. (It works on a raspi before AND after my tries)
Can you help?
In Lubuntu, the script.bin is under the first partition of the SD card. And the first partition in Lubuntu is not called boot. You need use mount command to mount it .

Did so as in " ... sensor-ds18b20.html" descriped.
I now see the /sys/bus/w1/devices/~w1_bus_master1 but I see no 28-xxxx
I tried both gpio3 gpio 4.
Defective sensor/wiring or something else I could have missed?

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