Can't download an image for my new Banana Pi

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Hey there everybody,

so for Christmas I got a new Banana Pi and today I wanted to try it out. But when I try to download an Image from the Download section I get an alert window with this message:

I translated it with google translator
(You do not have access to this information!)
and it seems there is an error with the file permissions on the server and so I'm not allowed to download the images.

Or do I need to register for that?

Hope you guys can help me. I really want to play with my new Banana Pi

greets and happy holidays


They fixt the problem. Thanks for that .
Same here.

I think when they updated the images they forgot to set the correct permissions for the downloads... I am sure tony will get it fixed soon.

Ok, hope so
I already waited 4 days till I'm home to play with it. Don't want to wait much more haha

Fixed... You can download it now

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