Kodi 14 with Android 4.2 runs great!!!

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Hey guys, I am new and I just wanted to write a short review about my media banana pi.

I run it with Android and the new Kodi 14. I mounted the SD-card and it runs awesome!

720p streams run an 28-30 fps, CPUs at 60-70% and memory at max 40%. XBMC Gotham was way slower and needed 10 times the memory than Kodi 14. Android also let me use a VPN ;-)

It also supports Airplay (only sound) really good. I was about to buy a Minix but with the new kodi I am totaly happy! Dont need the minix anymore.

Love it now!!! Absolute recommendment :-)

Greetings, Tom
What distribution did you use, one from the forum or blank Android with Kodi manually installed?

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android is the 4.2.2 banana pi distribution. I installed the kodi manually from the kodi-website. After mounting the SD card its possible to download the apk and install it as on a tablet or phone

No USB drives needed. :-)

tommi1979 replied at Tue Dec 30, 2014 16:47
android is the 4.2.2 banana pi distribution. I installed the kodi manually from the kodi-website. Af ...

Good to hear that, I'll definitely try... Been struggling with to get XMBC onto this thing in a way that it doesn't behave like a low end smartphone. Missed the part that BPi vs RPi doesn't have hardware acceleration, if i knew...
Does the 4.2.2 recognize wifi dongles?
Will install too tomorrow and post back.

BPi like RPi got Hw Acceleration.

Coz I did not change the OS (Android) the acceleration seems to be provided by kodi. Or kodi just needs that less ressources. :-)

Wifi doesnt work, but I didnt work on that issue coz I use ethernet only.

The missing part for me is audio pasthrough support
For the rest I know under Android every XBMC release well. ;-)
Thanks for your review tommy


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Passthrough works! DTS AMP support as well. I have an Onkyo 7.2 AV-Receiver and streams with 5.1 surround or DTS sound work like a DVD or blueray.

Just activate the dts-receiver support and the passthrough in kodi AND passthrough in the sound settings in android. Done. :-)

I run the sound via HDMI to the receiver and then to my projector and TV (2 HDMI out ;-) )

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Hi. It's kind of an old thread but I'm going to ask anyway:

How do you install xbmc from the homepage? It always asks for an SD card. But for obvious reasons I can't insert another SD card...

edit: ok... I only need the SD card for the download. It's not requiered for the installation: problem solved.

I got it installed, but now it says "waiting for external storage" and is not starting properly.

Hey guys - When I go to storage settings it already says that the SD card is mounted but Kodi still gives me the message saying it needs an SD card. Obviously I cannot connect another SD card so is there a workaround ? Osiris - How did you work it out in the end ?

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